Beard Transplant Featured in The Sun

Beard Transplant Featured in The Sun

Recently, I welcomed The Sun newspaper behind the scenes for a beard transplant at our Sheffield clinic. The type of questions that their readers have about hair transplants are the same we discuss with our patients daily at the clinic. When the Sun came in, we had a beard transplant in process; this was a great opportunity to not only answer these questions but also demonstrate the entire procedure.

One of the most important questions we discussed and demonstrated:

What is a beard transplant?

“A beard transplant is a fairly straightforward procedure with minimal downtime. The technique involves removing tiny individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp (where the hair is thickest). The hair in the beard should start to grow immediately and you can usually resume shaving in as little as two weeks. “

Being Featured by The Sun

I was honoured to have a chat with the Sun and help their readers understand the different techniques used in a beard transplant and what to expect in terms of results and downtime.

You can read the Sun article here.

If you have any questions about hair transplants, you can give me a call on 0207 175 1850. Or book a consultation at one of my clinics in London (Harley Street), Birmingham, Manchester or Sheffield.

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