Gynecomastia Surgery Patient Reviews – September 2018

We are pleased to share the reviews that our gynecomastia surgery patients left us via FollowApp.Care during the month of September 2018:


23rd September 2018, Mr J.Y. –  Gynecomastia Patient

“Very professional and kept me informed about the whole process. ”

gynecomastia surgery review dr nurein london clinic

24th September 2018, Mr D.K. –  Gynecomastia Patient

“Dr Hassan is extremely professional and efficient in his work. ”

25th September 2018, Mr K.J. –  Gynecomastia Patient

“The whole package has been brilliant, customer service throughout this journey has been second to none. Not one thing can I recommend to improve or make the process better. Dr Nurein and the nurses done a grand job of looking after me on the big day. So far I couldn’t be any happier with how my recovery is going and just as important for this kind of surgery looking. I’m so happy I manged to find Dr Nurein and chose him to do my procedure real gentleman and a true professional. Thank you all.”

26th September 2018, Mr J.S. – Gynecomastia Patient

“Great results.”

26th September 2018, Mr S.W. – Gynecomastia Patient

“I felt reassured and confident that Dr Nurein is the most experienced and credible surgeon available.”

27th September 2018, Mr J.D. –  Gynecomastia Patient

“Even when a procedure doesn’t go to plan the Dr will put it right so it leaves you with peace of mind. ”

31st September 2018, Mr M.K. –  Gynecomastia Patient

“Accessibility ”

gynecomastia surgery patient review

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