gynecomastia surgery before and after

Oliver’s gynecomastia surgery story – what really happens behind the scenes

Hey there guys,
I’m writing this to share my experience with  Dr Nurein and how I was treated during the time period of the gynecomastia removal surgery.

For the entire time, I’ve spent involved with Dr Nurein I was treated with the utmost kindness and care and I was made to feel comfortable the entirety of my interaction.
After having my surgery date booked in by Mathew, they helped me every step of the way to make sure everything went smoothly. the surgery was to take place in Manchester and myself living down south in Surrey, they helped me organise train travel and they even provided accommodation in “motel one” which is situated right outside the train station.

The Day Before The Surgery

The accommodation, in my opinion, was amazing, it was extremely well kept and cosy and it was amazing that this was provided for me.

As I was travelling alone, Mathew (my surgery coordinator) called to see if I wanted him to meet me somewhere so I wasn’t up alone in Manchester, which was an amazing gesture. However, I had already purchased a movie ticket and planned some sight seeing for that afternoon/evening, so I was fine going on by myself.

For those who would feel more comfortable having someone around to get you comfortable, Dr Nurein & his team have proven amazing with handling their customers, and that they really do care about our well-being and comfort during the whole experience.

The Day of the Surgery

The night went by, and the next day came which was the day of the surgery. Mathew was picking me up at 10 am, so by then I was all packed and fed, ready to head out to the place of surgery. Meeting Mathew for the first time felt like I was meeting a friend. His friendly character extends beyond phone contact and he was extremely easy to get along with and was constantly reassuring me of the surgery and checking that everything was ok. We also made friendly conversation, which was great. I was really made to feel no nervousness or fear about the surgery at all.

After a short walk, we arrived at the building the surgery was taking place at. We were greeted by very friendly staff and the son of Mathew, who also works with Dr Nurein. Like his father, he was also extremely friendly and a pleasure to meet.

Dr Nurein, at this time, was setting up the surgery room and getting ready so after a quick check-in, myself and Mathew went to a cafe down the road to kill time and I was generously offered food and drink. So after, we just continued the general conversation until Dr Nurein was ready. Once back in the building I proceeded to the surgery room and was greeted by Dr Nurein and his assistant, who were both very upbeat and in good spirits, which had settled any nerves I did have left about the surgery.

The Surgery

Dr Nurein again explained the process to me and let me know exactly what he was doing throughout the entirety of the surgery starting off with the anaesthetic. Apart from the initial injection of the anaesthetic, which was just like any other injection, the process was pain-free and felt very fast. Dr Nurein and his assistant were always checking to see how I was feeling and remained very upbeat and kept myself in good spirits and even had some banterous chit chat when the surgery permitted which was an added bonus.

Dr Nurein came across as very passionate about the job he was doing and wanted to make sure his work was perfect and did multiple checks on his work to make sure everything was truly up to his high standards, which it was. Before I knew it, stitches were going in and I was given a discreet compression vest to wear over the time of the stitches healing, along with some pain killers and antibiotics.

They went over how I was to look after myself over the next few weeks and even gave me a printed document of everything I was told such as when to take painkillers and so on. Contact information was also given for Dr Nurein, so should I have any worries, I can have my questions answered.

Upon leaving the surgery room, Mathew and his son were there ready to see how it went which I would say went amazingly; and then there was a general chat between them and Dr Nurein and his assistant. I instantly noticed there was a great atmosphere between everyone and they all actually seemed to be great friends, which as a patient was also really comforting to see as again it added to the feeling I’m not a customer for business but actually a person they want to help, which they all went above and beyond in doing. I was brought some food and a drink for lunch, which I heavily appreciated as I was starting to feel the hunger hahaha.

Once Dr Nurein left to set up again for his next procedure, I handed my payment over to Mathew and sorted out a check up date to see how everything was healing. Now that I mention payment, I will also note there was not one mention of money by anyone and it was actually myself who asked when I should give the payment, this to me was absolutely amazing. I get that everyone needs to make a living, but everyone I’ve encountered has always had my well-being and the surgery prioritised way above payment. I can passionately say their patient care is outstanding and I can again quote that “this surgery isn’t just cosmetic, it’s life changing”. They really do live and breathe that.

After goodbyes were said, Mathew walked me back to the train station so he could make sure I got on the train alright to head back home and my journey went smoothly.

The Aftercare

Throughout the recovery, Mathew was always in touch to see how I was doing and answering every question I have with regards to healing. Apart from the occasional discomfort, the healing process went very well, and it was great seeing how much the surgery has corrected the appearance of my chest.
The area of the stitches healed fast and I had another meeting in London with Dr Nurein to have the stitches removed. He was again very upbeat and was keen to know how the healing process was moving forward. The care I’ve received from everyone before and after the surgery was world-class and I can’t recommend Dr Nurein enough. Some other surgery providers never even replied to my enquiry about the surgery, whereas these guys went above and beyond and provided the best experience a patient could hope for.
Yours truly,
PS: Read Oliver’s review on Trustpilot here.

Oliver’s Before & After Gynecomastia Surgery Results

gynecomastia surgery results
gynecomastia surgery before and after

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