Gynecomastia Surgery – John

Our patient John is in his 20s. He is a professional athlete who’s suffered from gynecomastia, or puffy nipples, since his teenage years. He has used anabolic steroids before which also played a part in developing his gynecomastia.

Dr. Nurein will be performing gland excision to remove the enlarged glands from both John’s breasts. As he is a professional athlete with a defined and toned chest, John will not be needing liposuction.

In this video, we take you behind the scenes at John’s surgery, at Harley Street London, and Dr. Nurein talks you through each stage of it. The surgery itself’ was less than 40 minutes long, performed under local anaesthetic. At the end, John was feeling very well, and after having the compression vest fit in and receiving his aftercare instructions, he was ready to go home.

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