Do I Need Liposuction to Treat Gynecomastia?

Whilst VASER liposuction is an essential part of gynecomastia treatment, not all patients need it. When appropriate, VASER is simply a tool that help us achieve a good result for our patients.  

Some gynecomastia patients have enlarged glands without excess fat, and in that case, they only need gland removal. Other patients have only excess fat in the chest area, and benefit from VASER Liposuction. Some patients have both enlarged glands and excess fat, and in those cases, I use gland excision paired with VASER liposuction to achieve the best result.  

You can watch our gynecomastia surgery patient case study video here, where Dr. Nurein performs both gland excision and VASER liposuction.  

Dr Hassan Nurein - Specialising in Gynecomastia Surgery

Dr. Hassan Nurein is an experienced board certified body sculpting surgeon specialising in gynecomastia treatment. He is helping hundreds of patients every year change their lives through gynecomastia surgery (over 4000 gynecomastia patients treated).

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