Gynecomastia Surgery Testimonials

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" My surgery with Dr Nurein was seamless, I have experienced no complications and I am healing well. The results are visible almost immediately and look amazing.
The surgery it’s self is very quick and professional and all instructions are clear.
I would recommend anybody that needs this procedure doing to get it done with Dr Nurein and his team! ''

- Joe, Trustpilot

"After Living with gyno for most of my life I decided i had enough, did my research and found out about Dr Nurein.

The info given was clear and easy to follow and the procedure easily booked and the option to play monthly is super convenient.

the nurses where friendly and reassuring removing the nervous I had before the surgery, after which resulted in my shirt size going from and XL to an L.

Thank You Dr Nurien and Team ''

- Daren, Trustpilot

''The level of care and professionalism shown by Dr Nurein and team is exceptional before, during and after surgery. Dr Nurein and team are extremely talented with this type of surgery, it was painless and the recovery has been much easier than expected. I am also happy with the results only 10 days in with further healing to go. Anybody considering this surgery should go for it with Dr Nurein, you are in excellent hands and I look forward to further results whilst I heal and recover. Thank you''

- Raj, Trustpilot

"Incredible service and support from the team. Couldn't recommend Dr Nurein enough and glad I did my research beforehand and found them online! Everything from the consultation through till now in the post-op aftercare phase has been effortless and a very comforting journey. Already feeling confident and like a new person after my first sneak peak of the results!"

- Reece Belton, Trustpilot

"I've had considerable gynecomastia since I can remember, aged 10 or so, am now aged in my early 40s! Over those 3 decades I tried absolutely everything to reduce it, from intense exercise 5 days a week, strict diets and all manner of natural non-prescriptive supplements. None ever really worked. As many reading this will understand, it's a burden and affects your life in many ways, which I always kept to myself. For some reason, a month or so ago I finally decided to look into surgery. After a little bit of online research, I thought Dr Nurein seemed like a good option for what I considered to be a slightly risky procedure. I finally had the surgery done on 16th October, 9 days ago! My only regret, and recommendation to people like myself who carry this burden is, I should have got this done 20 years ago!  

Dr Nurein comes across to me as an absolute expert in this field, and somebody I would have no hesitation in recommending to somebody who is considering the surgery. His team are all very friendly, and especially the nurses (I think they were!) during the operation were extremely friendly and put you at ease beyond what would be expected.  

The surgery itself last about 1.5-2 hours, but for me was quite easy and painless. In fact, there has been very little pain either during or after the surgery. You feel very slightly weak for about 48 hours at most, then return almost to normal. I have to say, the most unpleasant aspect for me was/is the bandage that is applied afterwards for 3 days, which is very tight, and makes sleeping slightly awkward. Once that is removed, you have to wear the compression garment only but for 6 weeks (3 all day, 3 for half a day), which is slightly uncomfortable and there is slightly annoying itching, but sleeping in it is fine now. All very, very small sacrifices/inconveniences compared to the 25 years of high intensity exercises, not being able to wear t-shirts etc!  

Most importantly, after just 5 days the results are already as good as or better than I expected! (straight after the op, there was a lot of water - edema? - on the chest, so do not judge by that as it gets flushed out over the next few days!). If it gets any better as is claimed over the next few weeks and months, it will be amazing and way beyond what I hoped for, as I'd be happy as it is now!  

All in all, I would highly recommend getting this surgery done if it's causing you issues in your life and you can afford it, and I would very highly recommend getting it done by Dr Hassan Nurein if you are considering it. I personally an extremely happy I chose to get this done, and by him."

- Mr Anonymous, Trustpilot

“I am now recovering from my Gynocomastia surgery and Dr Nurein and his team were simply amazing. I was extremely nervous for it and they helped me immensely through the process. He was always making sure I was fine and engaging in conversation through out the surgery. Highly recommend Dr.Nurein he is AMAZING !!”

- Junior, Trustpilot

"I’m currently 17 days post surgery and I decided to wait to write this review so I could provide genuine feedback to Dr. Nurein, his team and future patients.  

I had been considering surgery for at least 6-7 years before I finally decided to go through with it, the surgery procedure on a video can look scary, painful, or simply something you don’t want to go through - trust me, it’s really not that scary at all. I don’t want to write a full length story so I’ll get on with the review!  

The initial consultation to confirm my gynecomastia with Dr. Nurein was fantastic, he made it very clear that I indeed had gland under my nipple, showed me where and which areas he would need to work on.  

On the day of the surgery I was super nervous to the point my belly was doing a million backflips, but once I got to the clinic in London and met the team, those nerves quickly settled thanks to the fantastic nurses who have such great energy and understanding.  

The surgery itself was pain-free, like many others I thought that having surgery whilst being awake would be noticeable and painful, but it wasn’t. Dr. Nurein numbed me up perfectly and made sure that the areas were properly treated before going ahead with the surgery. The only thing to be felt was tugging which I can only compare to pulling and tugging on your sock whilst it’s on your foot, weird comparison but that’s exactly how it feels.  

I was dreading the nipple incision because you’re literally about to be cut open but I didn’t even realise I was cut until Dr. Nurein confirmed that he was taking out the gland, and began cutting the gland from the nipple with his scissors.  

I need to wrap this up, I have so much to say and so many answers I want to help for people!  

Dr. Nurein has been fantastic to me right from the start and still remains available to see me and answer any questions I might have.  

The team around Dr. Nurein were also fantastic, right from booking the consultation to having aftercare. Every member of staff were helpful and caring, Dr. Nurein understands how important gynecomastia is to people who suffer it, it’s more mental than physical and I think he knows that very well. It’s life changing.  

Zero pain. Minimal bleeding. Fantastic team. Brilliant support. Quick surgery.  

Scar tissue when healing is normal, it can be minimal or it can seem huge but it will slowly disappear as you massage it.  

Thank you to everyone at the clinic, my experience could not have been better and I look forward to seeing Dr. Nurein again in 6-months time.  

Areas I think Dr. Nurein could improve:  

Provide a roller or a detailed sheet on how to do a deep tissue massage for scar tissue. Patients appreciate it so much.  

Speaking directly with Dr. Nurein via phone call or text would be much better than speaking with a team member, I say that because you build a real connection with him and you can only really take any confidence from the answers given directly. Maybe a separate work phone that is just used 2-3 times a day for 10-minutes to answer a few text messages/questions would be great.  

MORE YOUTUBE VIDEOS! I’ve had surgery and I still watch all the surgery videos, help videos, aftercare videos, and more. It’s interesting stuff and it’s been such a big part of my life.  

That’s all for now!  

Best, Kieron Brittle @kieronbrittle on Instagram, I’m happy to answer your questions!"

- Kieron Brittle, Trustpilot

“I had Gynecomastia surgery with Dr Nurrein just over 3 weeks ago. The results are already amazing and I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me. The whole process was simple and his consultations were very clear and stress free. It took me a while to take the plunge and go for the surgery and whilst I was deliberating (about a year) I had no pressure from anyone at the team but they were always helpful when I got in touch.  

The surgery itself was quick, and having it done under local anesthetic meant for a speedy recovery (I actually went straight to a cafe afterwards with my wife who waited during the surgery).  

The nurses that he works with (I'm sorry ladies I've forgotten your names), were both brilliant- they made me feel so at ease before and during the operation which I really appreciated as I was really nervous.  

The scars from the incisions are already not noticeable unless you are looking for them and the shape he has managed to achieve for me is brilliant. I'm so happy with the work!  

I can wear t-shirts comfortably again without feeling self conscious- Dr Nurrein you've literally changed my life. Thank you!.”

- Paul Bennet, Trustpilot

“Dr Nurein and his team were amazing! For many years I’ve been looking for a specialist surgeon who focuses on just gynecomastia. After going to other surgeons, I knew when I met Dr Nurein- he was the guy. Not only was his team amazing... the procedure was finished before I knew it. The lidocaine injections are probably the only painful bit of the operation, you can handle it though for sure! It’s been 2 weeks now- and I feel so confident and am able to wear t shirts. I’ve suffered with gynecomastia since is was 15, so it’s so nice to not feel conscious. I wish Dr Nurein and his team all the best, they are great people and I’m so thankful for their help! Thank you.”

- Amar, Trustpilot

“I met Dr Nurein at London clinic, Satisfactory consultation & examination done for Gynecomastia surgery with all procedure,I had the best experience with the whole Dr Nurein team!so professional & made me feel so comfortable the whole way.the follow up care after my surgery was amazing and recovery is so quick and I am happy with my results already after only 10 days.Everyone was able to answer any questions I had and the day of my surgery went smoothly and made me feel at ease.dr Nurein & whole team are professional,also wonderful & friendly ,if you are considering a treatment I would highly recommend going to Dr Nurein clinic!”

- I ZAFAR, Trustpilot

"Had gyno surgery only last week an all ready see difference, from start to finish all the team were fantastic make u feel at ease very comfy environment to have a surgery via local anesthesia which was first for me but team make sure u understand every step way ,chatting through the surgery is great help no pain no stress deff recommend Dr nurein as I had same surgery many years ago which they left lot gland in, not by Dr nurein I may say he got the lot out and his expertise is second to none deff recommend his clinic ..cheers doc ...."

- Martin Banister, Trustpilot

"Dr Hassan made me feel safe and looked after along with the other staff. Results are in early stages but look very natural even this early - two weeks out. Would highly recommend ."

- Customer, Trustpilot

"Brilliant care and procedure Made me feel safe  

Thanks for everything results was amazing"

- John Clark, Trustpilot

“Absolutely excellent treatment from start to finish. Made to feel confident and in great hands and that no matter what fantastic results. All the staff were incredible from front of house who made you feel comfortable, to the nurses during the procedure who were dedicated and professional and lightened the procedure and hardly noticed I was under the knife lol. Brilliant from start to finish and cannot thank them enough”

- Mark Durham, Trustpilot

"Choosing Dr Nurein to carry out this surgery was the best decision of my life. I am now 10 days post surgery and the results are incredible. the procedure is almost painless - the numbing needles are the painful part but no more painful than having injections or a blood test. Being able to have a free consultation before hand and the the advice from Dr Nurein and the support staff is really reassuring and the post-surgery support is really good, i had a slight issue with nausea from the antibiotics and they phoned me immediately to give advice and rectify it. My confidence is back, i feel great, i would recommend Dr Nurein without a second thought."

- John Y, Trustpilot

"I would highly recommend using Dr Nurein if you’re considering surgery for Gynecomastia. My experience has been fantastic from the initial consultation to the aftercare. Both himself and his team were amazing, and I especially want to thank the two theatre nurses who went out of their way to make me feel at ease on the day (I was really nervous). I’m only 7 days post-op and I’m already amazed with the results, it’s changed my life and given me my confidence back. Thanks again."

- Stephen Williams, Trustpilot

"Dr Nurein has been incredible in helping me transform my self confidence around. He’s answered my queries effectively and is always supportive."

- Peter Leyman, Trustpilot

“Dr Nurein & team - Extremely professional, accomodating and considerate. I recently flew from Ireland to have gynaecomastia surgery (gland removal) at BeCosmetic by Dr. Nurein. I chose Dr Nurein as he is a specialist in this type of procedure with a lot of experience. Most other clinics I researched offer gynaecomastia surgery at the end of a long list of cosmetic procedures and so its quite difficult to imagine that they are truly familiar with, and competent in the procedure. Dr Nurein is the only surgeon I found online who specialises in gynaecomastia surgery, and he was recommended to me by a friend.  

Arriving at the clinic I was very nervous but Dr Nurein and his team were so accommodating and understanding that in the end it was super easy and dare I say comfortable!. The procedure was completely painless, I genuinely could not even tell when it began or finished. The whole team were so friendly and nice to talk to, they really were great to take my mind off the everything. It is quite special that something I have been self conscious about for over 5 years can be alleviated by such a simple and efficient procedure, I wish I did not waste so much time contemplating and worrying about it!. Above all else, it is quite evident that Dr Nurein and his team have a genuine and sincere care for the patient that I think is not often found to be the case with cosmetic clinics. A very professional and personable service, thanks again to all at BeCosmetic, Paul.”

- Paul Leonard, Trustpilot

"Amazing place!! thoroughly recommend This operation was the best thing I could have hoped for it was done by one of the best Surgeons I know Dr Nurein was calm relaxing talked me through the operation it's very easy and painless after the anesthetic has been injected in to you. You just feel some movements tuggings but no pain it didn't take very long at all, just under an hour. The results are absolutely amazing such a big difference in appearance compared to before, I feel much more confident in life and in public with a t shirt on. it's made me like clothes better now than i did before nothing suited me because i was embarrassed of how my chest looked. I would say for anyone considering Gyno surgery go for it because it's one the best things you could choose.The staff everyone there is brilliant and provides amazing quality service, they offer a payment plan there over a 12 month period."

- Mr David Dupree, Trustpilot

"I’ve been wanting gynocomastia surgery… I’ve been wanting gynocomastia surgery for a couple of years, I’ve met a number of surgeons, none of them came across as confident as Dr Nurein , from consultation to surgery ,it was a stress free experience the prices are very reasonable, all of Dr Nureins team are excellent, I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting surgery ,the results are amazing I can’t thank the team enough"

- Terry Hall, Trustpilot

"I had surgery carried out by Dr Hassan… I had surgery carried out by Dr Hassan Nurein last week and his team and himself were very professional and helped me feel at ease throughout the whole process, what I found most useful was being able to ask questions about my condition through WhatsApp and through daily questionnaires, this also helped me feel at ease during the healing process. I would recommend this company and Dr Nurein to anyone!"

- Conor Wilson, Trustpilot

"I am very happy with Dr Nurein’s surgery results so far. Before having the surgery I was always anxious about wearing certain clothes, feeling a little worried about going to the swimming pool with friends. Gynecomastia was a procedure I always wanted done. After speaking to numerous surgeons I felt Dr Nurein was the best. Now that I’ve had the surgery, I feel very confident wearing my clothes, and I don’t have to worry about wearing thin t shirts, wearing tank tops or being shirtless at the beach or at the pool. The surgery went went very well, I felt that I was looked after and the aftercare and follow ups were top class. I am very happy with my experience with Dr Nurein, and would highly recommend anyone thinking of getting this procedure done to immediately get in contact with Dr Nurein. I now have a sculpted square looking chest, and more importantly I have a ton of self confidence!"

- Amrit, Trustpilot

"Very professional Team and after care is excellent. No more gyno with no signs of surgery. Definitely recommend to any sports athletes."

- Gulzar SIngh, Trustpilot

gynecomastia surgery before and after review
gynecomastia surgery before and after review realself

"I am a 20 year old university student from London. In general, I would describe myself as a confident and healthy individual, however, this can all be nullified if I’m wearing a top that shows off my biggest insecurity. Appearance isn’t everything, but after years of playing sports and looking after my body, I have had enough of this problem that has affected me since I was about 13 years old. As you can see from my before pictures I have a noticeable case of gynecomastia and I believe I was just unlucky in the way it developed. Typically, during puberty, it develops due to the imbalance of hormones in the adolescent body. Unfortunately, when this happened at the age of 13, my enlarged glands never went away. I have been researching the condition through various YouTube videos, blogs and have even spoken to a number of experts in the field; all of which gave me the same advice, which is surgery. It is a big decision financially, but in my opinion, not in any other way as the only way to remove gyno is through surgery. I can assure you that I researched the UK options thoroughly and as soon as I stumbled upon Dr Hassan Nurein’s page I was pleasantly surprised. The competitive pricing coupled with genuine pictures and reviews are what intrigued me initially. Once I made my enquiry I swiftly received a call from the surgeon’s right hand man. Matthew is a top man who keeps everything simple and informative. I got my consultation booked and went to Harley Street to meet Dr Hassan for him to professionally confirm the condition and explain the process of removing it. So far my experience has been perfect. … Couple days after the surgery and it’s all good. More masculine chest and as long as I wear this garment (compression vest) I’m pretty sure I’ll be cool. Going back to get my stitches out soon and I’m sure Dr Nurein will analyse how my recovery is going. Also, Matthew has been on hand to answer any of my questions. Solid overall."

- Gunner22, RealSelf

- Anthony, Trustpilot

"Dr nurein & his staff are really professional, amazing at their jobs & putting you at ease during the whole process. I myself suffered with gynecomastia, but I had a rare case where my glands were also very painful and even little things like having a cuddle of my daughter caused me pain. I did the usual male thing and put it of and lived with it, until finally I’d had enough. It’s one of the best decision I’ve ever made. My surgery was preformed at their Sheffield branch in October 2018 and I had no surgery or recovery problems what so ever & have made a full recovery & can’t thank Dr Nurein & his team enough for something that is so minor and every day to them but has been so life changing to myself & cant recommend & thankyou enough. Thankyou Darren from S-O-T"

- Darren, Trustpilot

"Dr Nurein is truly changing people's lives for the better ! His expertise and skills in the area of Gynecomastia is truly second to none. I found the process (i.e consultation, surgery and aftercare) very person centred/ oriented and I felt really valued and respected. The procedure went really well and I am very pleased with the results. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Nurein and his team for giving me a new lease of life and a brighter outlook for the future. I would highly recommend Dr Nurein !"

- Anthony, Trustpilot