Can The Gynecomastia Gland Grow Back?

A lot of patients ask me whether the gland, the breast tissue, that is causing gynecomastia can grow back. Sometimes it’s fat that is also causing the gyno look.

So if we remove fat and a bit of gland and you gain fat, sometimes the fat that has been left behind can grow, so it can give you a bit of fullness in the chest. But the main thing here is that we leave a bit of breast tissue under the areola, so that the areola doesn’t sink in. This means that what we leave behind is as important as what we take out.

So that’s the reason why the gland can grow back, because we’ve left behind a little bit of tissue to support the areola.

Some patients can get away with removing the whole gland. That’s another question, doctor, can you remove the whole gland? In some cases yes, but not in everyone. So if you have thick skin, if you have well-built muscles and very little fat, then probably yes, but I make that judgement during surgery.

So yes, the gland can grow back and yes, sometimes we can take out the whole gland.

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