Gynecomastia Surgery with Gland Removal

Dr Hassan Nurein performing gynecomastia surgery with gland removal at our clinic on Harley Street, London.

Gynecomastia Surgery with Gland Removal

For glandular tissue only surgery can get rid of it as far as we know. And the way we treat gynecomastia depends on what you’re presenting with, the grade of your gynecomastia, it ranges from puffy nipples to large pendulous breasts with excess skin. That means the treatment can just be removal of gland.

How we remove the gynecomastia gland

To remove the gland, we inject local anaesthetic around the gland and make a tiny incision, around half a cm, on the areola border. We take out the gland and stitch it back.

The patient will wear a compression vest for 2 weeks and refrain from strenuous activity. The results may show immediately but can take up to 6 months.

Dr Hassan Nurein Gynecomastia Surgery London and Sheffield, UK

Dr. Hassan Nurein is an experienced board certified gynecomastia surgeon specialising in gynecomastia treatment. He is helping hundreds of patients every year change their lives through gynecomastia surgery.

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